H. Christian McLean, MD, renowned cardiac surgeon and connoisseur of women, is an unhappy man. Recovering from the heart attack that almost killed him and craving the Maker’s Mark now denied him, McLean despairs: Will he ever again repair an injured heart? Will women ever again desire him? Enter Grace, who baptizes his table with her tea, asks questions he cannot answer, and, with a kiss on his cheek, invites him to join her for dinner. For the first time in days, McLean smiles. As they spend time together, mutual attraction flickers, and Grace impulsively invites him to visit her in Maui Why not? Beautiful woman. Lonely man. Island paradise. What can go wrong? McLean soon discovers that Grace, known on Maui as singer/songwriter Eliza K, has her own troubles: A new secret identity, overwhelming self-doubt, and a disturbing man who insists she’s his soul mate, filling her phone with unsettling messages and sending shivers of fear down her spine. Together in Maui, passion flares, igniting feelings long dormant, as Grace becomes the woman of his dreams, but McLean’s heart is torn between desire for Grace and longing for his old life. Meanwhile, into this paradise, the stalker escalates his pursuit. Is McLean strong enough to protect the woman he loves? Is he brave enough to follow his heart? Author Patti Doty’s latest story from the world of her beloved character Quinn DeMello is one of challenges, transformation, and love.

Get out your kleenex, a dictionary, and gloves if you're a nail bitter like me. What started out as a romance novel format quickly turned into an intriguing, complex story. Set in Nevada, the story highlights personal and family struggles we all have experienced. The author quickly draws the reader into the lives of all those connected with the Wildflower Inn. If there is such a place, I want to go there!

Marilyn Pearson


Romance, adventure, cooking and wine -- this story has it all. A very fine first effort that keeps you breathless, although a little deflated when it had to end. I'm looking forward to the sequel and to learning more about the finely crafted characters who inhabit such a special place in Nevada. The story is told with a wry eye for relationships and undisputed love of the landscape. A great read!

L. L. Chambers